Friday, April 10, 2009

I've still decided to try to write in to appeal for a change in course.I noe im being indecisive n troublesome but well hope it's for de better?Hopefully will succeed.2day being a public hols,de crowd is worse den de weekends.Goodness.Go for break to buy food took me quite some time to squeeze past those ppl to get back to de shop.Was damn tired la de whole day.Cuz ytd reached hm quite late.I missed my last train n my last bus so well took a cab hm.Cash not enough so called for help.Saved me.Thx n sorry baby.Saw kor otw hm.Too long didnt c him.2moro afternoon shift again n den off!Yeah!

My mind kept wandering.
Images of u kept appearing.
I guessed i always miss u,
even if i juz met u.

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