Friday, May 15, 2009

2day's lecture was ok.For AFA we learn inventories n im somehow lost a bit.Too long didnt do accounts le ma.Cant blame me rite.Den was kinda satisfied tat i finally understood some parts of stats.After sch me n lots of ppl acc lynn to amk to search n purchase her formal wear attire.It took so long n i was getting quite restless.End up i acc ernest n alvin to j8 to collect their alteration while jonald went to meet his fren n melissa n adriel went hm.Blah blah.When we each went our own ways belinda called n said she n jasper are gg j8 to meet us.Dots!We already left quite some time already den say.Tsk.Next week these crazy ppl suggest to go sakura eat.Ex k cuz im saving money to buy present for my mother for her bday.And animal family is oso insane wan go sakae eat but i working tat day.Next time ba((: Sorry guyfrens n girlfrens.My apologies.

WE were getting bored n decided to take some pics.

Jonald didnt smile.Cuz he cant multitask between tiptoeing n smiling.zzz. Jonald is de tallest follow by (left to right n down)adriel, alvin, ernest,me n melissa.

Me n Melissa((:

Gosh, look!Thr's a M formed.Im really so damn short.

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