Sunday, May 17, 2009

Drats.Juz when i thot i was kinda getting a hang of things den somethings go haywire again)): Screw it man!I dun bloody understand POM lecture 4-decision making thou it's kinda dry.And microecons!So many graphs.Ugh!Time is running out.I need to get my butt up n study!!!Im so freaking out big time!Me n my lazybones)): thinking of talking it out wit my manager if i can juz work 3 days per week.Studies more impt uh.I dun wanna screw it man.period.First week of june.Ouh gosh!Till after exam den resume 4 days?Omg juz one more day n it's interactive com's ICA1.Gosh my speech...I hope nth goes wrong.My cough better be gone by hook or crook before tues comes.

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