Sunday, May 10, 2009

Aiyo.TSk tsk tsk.I was late for work 2day by 12 mins.great uh!it's lyk de 4th time tis mth i think?I better better not be late 2moro:x or else my manager is so gonna kill me~!HAiz wat exactly happened 2day?2day at work everybody is lyk moodless.All got prob.I hope everything will be alright soon uh?And sorry zoe i shouldnt have asked u.I didnt mean to bring up wat's bothering u.Sorry my dearest.I dunno how to make u feel better.See u lyk tat i oso feel helpless.Juz hope tat thing will be better real soon.Dun let it affect ur studies k?I noe u're mature enough to handle.Take care yea?And i'm not working on phoebe's last day.If thr's any farewell i'll try to be thr((: Juz one more day n i'll see B again.I miss him.Studies n work indeed is difficult to handle n endure.Trying very hard still.Im struggling:/ will get used to it sooner or later i juz hope i'll manage time well n study well.I dun wanna disappoint my parents especially my mother.Ouh speaking of which i still got pom hw uncompleted.Drats!2moro damn sian cuz lesson is at 8 in de morning!Bleahz..

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