Friday, May 8, 2009

2day im so sleepy during lecture.Wanna sleep but if i do,den i'll miss out.Break time went to amk again n was late for next lecture by 2 MINS!Walao eh.Consider absent lorx lyk tat.Negotiate wit teacher wit alvin's help but teacher say consider-.-''' Tsk.After sach went to j8 de g2000 to shop for formal top.I got a light purple one.And zoe,de skirt u lend me is loose for me)): think gotta waste money buy again)): sad sad.
Den went to meet up wit my animal family at 925 for chicken rice as dinner!Yippee!Finally de whole family is together.Was laughing sooo much!And headed to khatib mac slack awhile.I started to camwhore ppl but den end up i kana!Wth.I dunno wher to put my face le la after fishy n birdy upload thoe photo on their blog.So pai seh sia.Gosh!Darn!So unglam seh!Ah nvm.Once in a while let ppl laught at la.Make ppl happy oso ma.Free entertainment leh.Not bad uh?Self consoling agaiin.Haha.These are de pics i've taken.And juz for laugh,take a bloody look at fishy n birdy's blog.Humph!

My hair is getting in de way of my sight.shoo!
Hmmm.Tasty water.Ouh it's milo!


Praying or laughing uh?

INtense.Eye so small.




Yuzhu n me((:

Random pic.

Wat's she doing man?!

Yu zhu very warm leh.Cathryn saw de cam)):

Wonder y dun have my pic?Duh of cuz i wont take such pic or mine.Tsk but my unsightly pics are all at fishy n birdy thr.I no face liao la...

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