Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well got back frm work n im doing my bloody pom hw now.So sian lorx.Shouldn't procrastinate den now wont have to chiong so much.Wasn't feeling quite well half way throu work.Ouh well but i managed to pull throu de whole 8.5 hrs.Great.i HOPe i wont fall sick.Mummy has been nagging n nagging these days.Im juz letting them go in frm one side n out frm de other.bad uh?used to it already la.Always bout same old things.Not tat im taking her for granted ok!Except for de nagging part de rest are OKAY.
Im feeling de tiredness while working n schooling at de same tiime.Now i understand.I should quit complaining too cuz thr's others tat're handling way more n way worse den i am.Once in a while ok de la~Choices always have consequences.Wan work den gotta sacrifice cca n more enjoyment time.But i'll still enjoy whenever i can((: in a way self consoling ba.Haha.Dun have tat much of a luxury.Anw it's ok cuz i've got great frenz around me.Truthfulness is all i could ask for.And i'd always enjoyed qianyu's company for chatting n being siao!Time n tide waits for no man.Grasp every opportunity n cherish ppl whom u love.Dun ever take them for granted.Kinda random but i lyk it.Lols.Im learning to understand more...Every new step i take is every thing new i gotta learn to handle.I miss sec sch so much...

Sometimes i felt so neglected.

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