Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2day time pass kinda fast uh?Im so bloody tired tat i wanna fall asleep during econs lecture but manage to force myself to stay awake.I was listening to first half of de lesson n de next half i dunno y but sort of lost interest n started to sms qianyu n at de same time talking to belinda,xiuyi n shanx2.Wat a 'gd' student uh.Im so laughing at de things qy replied me ok n i looked kinda siao.I dun care.Haha.
Den after sch went to np wit belinda they'll n poor jasper is de only guy.Nvm we didnt bully him la.Belinda wanted to go thr de g2000 to check out de price of formal attire n roughly calculate de cost.Ouh well if i can fit into zoe's i'll buy mine later la.Tis mth a lot of things to buy very budget seh.It's ok.self consoling AGAIN...Ate subway for lunch cuz got promotion ma.I simply love it other den pasta mania thou it's kinda fattening.Den head to work.
Ouh great i dun think im able to go for de blood donation drive thingy to donate my blood cuz i think my flu haven really cure.Stupid flu bug.Ugh.I doubt belinda they'll would go too.Sleep long la dey.Haha.2moro wholde day tut buey sian.econs hw i have yet to do.accounts half way done n interactive coms ah forever no hw one.story telling n telling.Should i change my title for ICA1?say bk or wat sia?I haven de slightest inkling.Tsk eveytime one leh!If i really cant take it i'll take a short nap during accs tut.Gee^^ cuz i noe wth it's bout so yea easier ba.Muz get my butt up n study for It test on thurs.I dread it cuz i dunno if i'll fair well. :x *faint*

Another day passed w/o me not missing u...

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