Friday, May 29, 2009

Ytd after sch went to orchard n den cine wit my new found lover;qy!Wanted to go cine thr eat but end up i dunno y we alighted at orchard.Since we're thr den walk around to hunt for mummy's pressie.Nth nice.And nice one de prices are nice too rite lover?Found muji n went in too look for my fav marshmallow but sadly dun have)): anw bought other stuffs lyk raisin choco de normal marshmallows n shared wit lover a choco bread tat cost 1 buck!Nice rite?Hungry still so head to cine de jap foodcourt to eat dinner.Den otw back to mrt thr's a GUESS shop n i wanna go in take a look.Hu noes i found something for mummy.I bought her a GUESS wallet.Handed it to her when i reached hm n she's so happy!Yeah!Cuz first time i bought her a bday pressie.Wat a filial daughter uh?Haha.2moro lecture whole day.Drats i keep saying wann study pom but kept procrastinating.Monday uh.Jiayou man!!!
I juz realised i've got loads of nicks man.How great uh?

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