Monday, June 1, 2009

For POM i would say i think i did better den microecons?Should be able to pass but well score,another things uh.I think i didnt study hard enough.Me n my lazybones.Ouh well.
After sch silly pei me go eat chicken rice n walk walk around np den head hm.I went to trim my hair n kinda look lyk not much diff.Was super duper tired cuz i only had 3 hrs of sleep de nite before so nap an hr before meeting lover they'll for bs.Wanted to run but kinda no mood n lazy so after bs went cycling instead.Cycled for an hr ++ n butt was hurting.Next time de seat should install cushion rite?Haha.Lover n KH den send me hm.Lepak at my blk downstair for awhile before they left.
I felt as if im gonna crumble under stress uh.Trying to hang on thou.Y i kana perpetual stock card qns i dun think it's easy eh.No link leh.Periodic im still ok.Tsk.Still gotta present 2moro ugh!And effective ICA2 i hope i'll really do well tis time.Im kinda dishearted already cuz of ICA1's marks.Im doing it for myself so i'll do my very best.At least i noe i did my best aint it de way?

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