Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2day's lesson is really damn sian!!!Especially it's always AFA n microecons.Argh.Majority of de class was mass chatting instead of listening to mona talk bout elasicity n inelasicity.Too boring la.But oso very chek arc.Insulting teacher.Careful la ppl,we cant be so bad kae later got karma i scared.Haha.Die uh my econs chui man if continue lyk tat.Lesson ended an hr early so head to girlfren's hse to watch Boys over Flowers wit her n her mom den go stadium run 2.4km.My timing improved by 2 mins leh.So happy.Still need train up stamina.Still cant be compared to last time.Far off man.Pig come find us awhile chat chat den go our own ways.Went back to girlfren's hse get my stuff n go np buy some stuff before gg hm.2moro's lesson is only for 2 hrs.And while mass chatting already got ppl say wan pon liao uh.Juz go la.Tsk!

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