Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blabbering bout YTD!I dunno how would i do for stats cuz no confidence.Pom lec ended early so went to libray slack wit de campus runners in class they playing poker while im Zzz.Damn irritated at de movement of de table n woke up thrice to kinda scold them?Feel so bad to treat them lyk tat.Sorry uh.I was really damn tired.Woke up in time for registration.HAving a headache den.Terrible man.Competitors flagged off at 4pm.Wasnt tat great cuz weather damn hot n de route got 2 steep slopes.While running up i felt my pace slowed down lyk walking.No diff.So slow timing stil stil still cant be compared to last time.

After tat showered n went to work late for half an hr.I called in.Great to be given 20mins to eat cuz im dying already.Den at nite thr's tis bloody customer hu came up to me n ask bout de platinium card thingy if thr's application.I wasnt sure so asked my manager n den tried to explain to her.God damn it she juz said:So thr isnt application form rite?Me:It isnt for application(duh not for means dun have).Her:Dun have means full stop!Me:(WTF?!!)

I juz walked off n de customer behind me hu heard de entire conversation gave me a pathetic look tat say cant stand tis kinda ppl man.I was super duper angry la.Adding on to my tiredness.Complained to my colleagues as usual n they said be sarcastic la n say y dun ask me help i sure make her embarrass.Try to act one high class wit fabulous eng?Screw her man!Sound, sorry i mean totally a Bloody bimbo.An hr later still got de cheek to come back n ask me for size?Me:It's all on display.And gave de u think i care look.She went up to my another colleague hu's china n speak to her in chinese n sound SOOO FRIENDLY.She think she's so pretty wit de fake eye lashes flaunting them.Ouh puhlease it's so ugly put oso so unnatural.So wanna give a her a big tight slap.Buster!
Work ended n we all ate pizzas before gg hm cuz it's crystal's last day before gg back to china.Her flight is on fri which is lyk so soon)): nobody ask me to teach her eng already.Html test 2moro hope i can make it uh.IT idiot taking IT test.

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