Thursday, June 11, 2009

Html test 2day was not ok!My mcq didnt study well.Den spot de errors i couldn't find de last one until i handed up de paper-.- sad luh.Walao eh.All test lyk tat i sian 1/2.zzz.One more day to hols!!!But ma jiam no hols to me eh.All modules got project except accounting.Still got plenty to do sia.Den got work oso.Bf gg for camp till next wed.Miss me uh!!!So looking forward to de chalet next week cuz it means away frm hm.Haha.Jiayou jiayou way to go!!!!My bday de pics i too lazy to post liao la.Go to my girlfren's blog if u'll wanna c ba.Sian sian sian.Tata@_@

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