Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!Im 17 already~

First 7 ppl hu wished me happy birthday are:
4.Blur Sotong

Why 7?cuz i lyk de no.7!Haha((:

Bear wit me cuz tis will be a very long post.Im super duper touched.So enjoyed tis yr's bday.ThankQ to those hu wished me n celebrated wit me.Appreciate loads for de time n effort taken((: Midnight bf came over to surprise me.Well i didnt saw tat coming.Thx B^^ Den morning went to sch n classmates wished me again.Very glad tat thr's ppl tat take de effort to rmb my bday.So tired tat i fell asleep during econs.I lose de bet wit karhao.Haha but kidding rite?After tat alvin n karhao acc me to amk to eat at subway n walk walk awhile(actually was rotting n waiting for time to pass).Girlfren go meet ppl not free so gota wait till lover end sch den go her hse lepak.

Went for 5.30pm's movie(Monster vs Aliens) instead of 5pm cuz kh n bf couldnt make it on time.WeiLun was early n asked if he wanna join us but he dun wan-.- I lost de movie ticket somewher n couldnt find it.Sorry lover.I wanted to keep it too cuz it's dated on my bday.Wel thr's always next time rite not?Kinda cute uh de movie?Dine in at pizzahut n food is too much tat inde end we use open no.s to decide hu to finish up de last 4.Poor lover she kana 3 n i only one.But im seriously damn full wit de i CMI face tat B help me finish it up.And i realised lover n i were sitting at de same table.Wat luck uh?Argh...

After tat some took bus n some took train back to khatib.To do wat?Blow cake lorx.And i need something were up their sleeves.Went out of mac after de sing song session n bam!!!i got de first cake smashed onto my face.Chou weilun!!!He escaped too fast n i was wearing dress.Nvm i got back at birdy,gf,lover n esther.HAHAHAHA!!!!Well done daphne((: *wink wink*Btw sorry darling bout ur shirt.Didnt mean it.U'll forgive me rite?Aint tat petty rite?LAughing de way getting back at each other n all de guys are gone.Dunno wher they go.They called to find us anw.Headed to my hse for 'poker session'.Played heart attack n loser finish de fruits.Haha.den wat?drink?We were so loud tat i bet not only next door but de top n bottom neighbours can hear us too!After tat everybody went hm as some including me got sch...

I love any n every gifts everyone gave me.4 very sweet ones.By B,Blur sotong n lover,kh n pig n lastly kor.But of cuz i lyk de rest too.But these 4 presents make me very happy.Bf im ur lil miss sunshine NEVER forget tat.*grins* blur sotong ur drawing n short,few sentences touched me.And i do mean it bout wat i wrote back to u((: U're my best fren(u noe hu).Lover,kh n pig.YES reassure tat when im happy or sad i'll cuddle tat cute big tigger^^ .And kor i didnt noe how u knew but u juz noe i lyk stars n tat's very beautiful((: Gf always take de most pics wit me.So i'll not forget her.Pics im waiting for gf to send me.Tis is de most wonderful n blasting bday i ever had!I didnt expect n looking forward to tis bday initially.But cuz os these ppl,they made my day a memorable one!Pics will be uploaded as soon as gf send them to me.For now only these few...

2 pig's face n 2 dunno wat's face.HAha.
Me n Gf so sweet rite?And i look kinda chubby in de photo-.-

OK realised anything?Im always diff frm de others.

FRm top left to bottom: ME,gf,lover n esther.We're looking at de other cam. And realise something else?Esther's face is de same throughout de 3 pics!

Ok i dunno wat im doing.Blur uh de pic?Blame de photographer!My sis.

OOI!!!Wat are u'll doing?DE 3 of u!

The grp photo.Pig is missing!!!

OK dunno lyk wat de chocolate tiramisu cake.Wait fo gf to send me de nicer one.

No skill again.

Tsk lover y lyk tat?!An dtat weilun is busy EATING~

Gf n I were waiting for food~

And and and...ahwile more i'll finish being long winded.Not forgetting those hu wished me happy bday((: Other den de above memtioned.KOr(biaoge)Ting(tangmei)ZOE,Class BM0906,dilys,audrey,Kh,QAD,Uncle,Laogong,Gek,TK,and my colleagues.Zoe exceptional uh cuz she's lyk my sister whom i love dearly(((:
THx again ppl for making my day...
To be continued wit other pics... ...

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