Sunday, June 7, 2009

2day went to work n got thr juz on time!Im not late kae!HAha.Blah blah n blah.After work alyssa,nicole n shermin surprised me wit a small lil gift.Im so touched can!It's a hairband n it's a lils tight n hurts to wear.Sorry girls.But i'll keep it properly thou.It's beautiful((: And de SICs gave me a lil gift too.Omg these ppl are so bad.CAn make me cry uh.Thx anw((: DEn went to eat dinner at a taste of thailand.Bf couldnt make it.Too bad.Lols.Next time la.Im so sad.Thr'll be a major change in manpower.And 2 managers are gonna be transfered out.It suck!Big big time.I dunno how will work life be after they had left.Sian.Below is a random pic my sis took.And ouh god!I look so chubby!And and and...2moro is a one yr one time big day for me!Big deal?Nah.Haha c how things goes 2moro...Stay tuned for juicy stuffs on 2moro^^ *wink wink*

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