Thursday, June 18, 2009

HIHI ppl im back!!!After kinda MIA for so many days uh?
I not at hm frm 15-17 tats y.I went for a stay over n dun feel lyk gg hm.Too bad i cant.Den before tat was too tired to blog so yea.But anw im still here already rite?I bet everybody misses me!!!Muahaha!So bhb uh.Ppl keep urging me to update so well.

"12 JUNE"
These are some ouverdued photos on last fri when we went to celebrate melvin n gavin's bday in advance.They're making their wishes.

Cut de cake.It's so creamy!!!

Ah lao eating cake but dunno looking wher.
Ouh.KAna cake liao.GG
Mel n Zhen
They wanted to put out de fire but end up starting it
Clearing up de place
Clapping for cake attack!

Caught yoga(spell correct i dunno)n smash de cake!

"13 JUNE"
Sat was jess's last day at toman bugis.So sad.Zoe went overseas.I will miss her lyk hell man!!!

Yonghui n wenjie bought tis cake for jess.CAlled Sweetheart n it's damn nice^^

Jess wit de cake Jess yonghui me((:
Wenjie n jess
Me n jess
Liuying,nicole,jess n me(top)
Soffhian,felicia n jess

Nth to blog bout sun cuz i was working.Monday is damn sian so decided to go out.Went to jp meet ernest alvin n jasper came later.Eat lunch den go play bball n de weather is freaking hot!got a bit more tanned.Jewell came awhile den left when we went for de movie(Drag Me To Hell).During de movie i kept saying i regret watching de show.Almost1/4 of de time i was covering my eyes.Damn scary leh n de alvin n ernest keeo scaring me.HUmph!After tat went for dinner lepak awhile den went back.I headed to gf's hse to stay.Wanted to watch show but end up im de first one to fall asleep.

Next day went for a last min class bbq at sembawang park but end up only around 10-12 ppl turned up.Great tat those took de effort to come((:But well we laughed n crap a lot.Maya de whole time was trying to be funny.Especially while we were playing true/dare.So pai seh can!!!For photos go to de class blog i lazy to post.I dun have all either.After tat went to sembawang's mac slack awhile while im waiting for gf.Den back to her hse again.Tis time i only slept for 2 hrs n headed to work which is at 8am!

Ytd after work wanted to go hm n sleep but lover n kh ask me go cycling.Before tat go khatib have dinner.Den cycled awhile go mac meet gf do wat we're supposed to do.Birdy as usual always come.Weilun n bf came too.Hm again after tat.

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