Monday, June 22, 2009

Wa half a day of project make me so tired already.Energy drained liao)): but de feeling is gd cuz i got some work gg.If i always have tat kind of feel i'll be damn motivated to do work n study liao lo.Pom not yet done still muz finish it up 2moro n OMG de html uh...When library about to close we left n jaslyn,karhao,alvin n adriel n me headed to amk to play pool.Ernest couldnt make it so went off wit jonald.I was actually watching them play at de beginning cuz i didnt noe how to play but after de 2nd round alvin n karhao taught me n i find it kinda fun.Thx dudes!And jaslyn look damn cute while aiming.HAha.Next time again uh((: Project project n projects are giving me headaches.

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