Monday, June 22, 2009

HOLY SHIT!!!I gotta really really get my butt up n do my effective com ICA2 project.Come to think of tat i rmb having read de outline of it.Wit ppt slides is for most projects n not forgetting reasearch.Wat more is more vocab,adding on some simile,alliterations,imagery,metaphor,parallelism,repetition n cleverer one,antithesis.De most impt one is bibliography.Muz be persuasive,n convincing sia.And seriously speaking it aint easy leh.To score a B wat more A uh?Tis is one module tat can use talk only to gain marks n all de more i should score in tis.Willpower n determination shall conquer laziness.And so action speaks louder den words...Meeting POM grp later to do de report.Go time do a bit of IT research.Hmmm hmmm.Will i?

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