Friday, June 26, 2009

Ytd had a quarrel wit pann.I didnt mean to oso.But aiya.Should be alright le ba?
Damn fun 2day!!!WeeHee^^ went sentosa wit de usual poly clique im always wit.But no eve leh)): GIRLFREN oso cmi.I told karhao not to be late end up i late.Haha.Headed to vivo to meet ernest they'll n oso visit jess at de same time.Was msging jess to try my luck if she was working.And yes we were fated to meet!She's on morning shift.Chat so much wit her blah blah.Gosh i miss her lyk hell man.No fun at work w/o her.Den ernest called to hurry us so said gdbye n went to find him.Den ate breakfast n headed to sentosa!

God tat place looks alien to me cuz i haven been thr for ages.Play n play n de guys bought de volleyball for nth cuz we played wit it awhile only.Dip water n well 2 guys wanted to tan so much fail while de others hu didnt do anything got damn tanned.Lucky got sunblock thx to ernest or i'll become a charcoal by now.Haha.And GREAT jonald made me swallowed mouthful after mouthful of damn salty water!Argh!!!Photos are wit alvin(only a few nia)Had enough of fun n left for dinner n pool session.

Otw suddenly ernest not feeling well.Nth much to elaborate.Well we took care of him n he's alright after a long while.DEn silly's turn but was ok after a lil time.Zoe den texted me tat she's BACK!!!Wow 10 odd days i haven seen her.Miss her too~Nvm will see her on sat.Hope we same shift.Girlfren came to join us for a lil while before ernest went off.Play on n alvin rushing for de show transformer so left soon after.Only left me karhao n girlfren.Played another 2 rounds den go hm le.Girlfren next time i go sentosa wit u la~!

Sian uh 2moro another day of project.Bleahz><

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