Sunday, June 28, 2009

Work was agony 2day.Stomach cramped lyk siao.It's fucking pain!10 times worse den gastric n food poisoning.Okok im exaggerating cuz women hu gives birth experience 10 times worse den stomach cramps.Stand or sit oso cant stand.wapiang eh~Early break was so damn happy can!Really felt lyk sick person no appetite so bought porridge.finish eatin den napped in de store room.Work ended n went walk walk awhile.Otw was stopped by a china lady hu can speak eng n say she's frm some advertising company n blah looking for new fresh faces for tv advertisment.I didnt believe anw n gave my old prepaid no which i no longer am using.So bad rite?But i dun care.Haha.DEn go BHG find kh as he was working thr a day to stand in for a fren?Told him tat he was doubtful but end up he kana 2 oso!He's damn LUCKY.Lyk real-.- Headed hm after tat.Tired till dozed off on train n i almost slept pass my stop but didnt.I never did anw.Waiting for dinner now...

OMG!im seriously freaking out soon!!!Projects projects n projects ah~!!!Gotta get it done, soon n fast n most imptly well!Im wondering if de lack of sleep is causing me to have stm act up more often n worse.I kept forgetting things more n more frequently n fast.I gotta jot it down to remind me.Ytd i almost went to sleep w/o setting my alarm.Gosh!I hope i juz dun forget my frens n all.Haha!
2moro Html project.And effective com better get gg!!!

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