Thursday, July 30, 2009

2day go sch was relaxing.But before tan ban seng's class everybody is lyk chionging n doing last min touch up on their personal homepage.Me too.Was one of de last fews to present mine i did ok la.Haha.5% for tis mini 'project'.De grp one weightage lyk 30% la.Omg not easy man.N gotta get de eoc project done by tis mon n consolidate everything for presentation on tue.Super formal.Aiyo never ending man.After all projects den exam already.I hope i will do well n not repeat any module.It's a waste of time n money!

After sch melissa alvin n me pei jonald to pei shaun go buy blazer at j8.Went to cafe cartel to eat while waiting.Jonald's trea.Haha ouh man he spent so much liao.Ytd cost him a bomb too.Now i noe y belinda call him de insane one.*chuckles*But he's gd to frens thou.But lyk bullying me too!HUmph?!

Left shortly after shaun came.Sorry gotta go cuz i need to buy dinner for my family.Got hm sis was sleeping n mother said she is having fever.Wth.Mother fever sis oso fever.goodness me man.Daddy juz recovered.I better take gd care of myself uh.I dun wanna be de next one.*touched wood!*

Yeah 2moro gg for movie(The Hangover) wit de class.And dinner after tat.WOOHOO!!!

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