Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eeyer!Stupid blogger!I wanna put some pics n de top bar gone.Nvm la!Got back my eoc ica3 results got B+.Ok ba.3 more marks to an A.How i wish i could score tat A.Well cant change anything anw.So i shall stop whining~ Concentrate well on de other modules ba.Especially those core ones.Sorry lover.Im really sorry tat i cmi 2day.I'll make it up to u de i promise((: n i will do it.I kept saying sorry n i didnt really mean to forget.My memory is getting worse.I seems to forget things easily n not rmb till quite some time later.Excuses excuses excuses.I did try to make a point to note down in my phone i guess tis didnt work either uh?Should get some notebk to pen every impt thing down.When im down n i've gotta take some time off,i would walk de streets.Dont walk in front of me,i may not follow.Dont walk behind me,i may not lead.Juz walk beside me n be wit me throu it all.Being tenacious helps but it's getting more n more tiring.Im not being emo here la.Juz wat i felt tat im feeling.No worries to ppl hu care.Im alright((:

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