Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Am kinda tired now.Ytd was super tired but didnt sleep quite early either.Smart uh.Went to lower seleatar dam ytd to enjoy de cool breeze of de wind n enjoying de quietness of de surrounding.Den de silence was broken.Im tired of these.Not tat im escaping frm de prob.U told me to understand how u feel.Wat bout me?HU's gonna understand me den?!Im not trying to be unreasonable leh.But to speak de truth whenever i tell u something u will misinterpret it n think otherwise.I didnt mean it tt way.U always reason wit me im fine wit it.Anything u think im not right u can tell me but sometimes things cant always go ur way.Nobody is always right.Im so daunted by failure over n over again.I can think no more le.

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