Sunday, July 19, 2009

I was so damn angry!After break went back to work n guess wat i met wit a fucked up cust.She's a mother for goodness sake!I assume she's either illiterate or ignorant.But more of ignorant n BLIND!She can speak eng so i wont say she's illiterate.U wanna be nasty?Try me i wont be nice either.Bloody hell n complain some more i dun give a fucking damn bitch.Complain all u wan im juz following de procedures end up oso u speechless oso lanlan.Screw u la.Be a mother oso lyk tat call urself a singaporean?Ouh pls la dun throw singaporeans face la.

Enough!lover tis is a short short complain only hor!
By den again i should try to keep so much complain to myself.Learn to handle things well.

Drawn to a corner,thou i say it doesnt matter...

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