Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BACK!Yipee!!!Finally im over for my eoc ica2.Got a damn relaxed feeling now.Was chiong-ing so much for projects on past 2 weeks.Damn shag damn busy lyk siao!AND AND AND so deprived of sleep!!!On mon's make up lesson for eoc,anne marie told us tat she wan de
outline,speech,bibliography n ppt slides by 8 tis morning de latest.Wth...Den everybody rush lyk siao till 2+,3+ still got almost de whole class online man.How great uh all last min oso.I did mine till 4am.And poor jonald have to wait till den to help me print it out.Thx uh but let u wait oso nvm luh.Hu ask u bully me always!!!HUmph.Silly oso slept around tat time.

Starts at 11am n im late by 10 mins even after de grace period.Lucky not yet start n im not e first few or i'll have my marks deducted for being late uh.Cant wake up on time ma wat to do?Speech over n im damn relieved.I felt tat a lot of ppl didnt have much confidence for tis ica cuz probably not enough time to prepare?Den afa i slept for ylk 10 mins cuz too tired le la.DEn econs was boring.And wanna noe wat?!DE least expected module tat i would pass n i actually did pass leh!!!Haha.Well lucky perhaps.I jus manage to pass.Next time try harder la.Dun fail very gd le.
DEn after sch went to meet lover yuzhu n gf for dinner.Laughed lyk im back man ppl!Haha so stress so it's gd to chill ya noe?LOls ok im being lame-.-'''Saw laogong after tat cuz she came to pass lover her calculator back.Headed to gf's hse to watch the ultimatum.

Otw to take bus saw my biaoge man!!!Gosh i missed him so much.He damn shuai de ok.Left gf's hse after 10.30 to go hm.Lover send me back.How sweet of her rite?And more sweet is i dunno y she noe im sad but she n gf n yuzhu i dunno which of them bought me a big big bar of choco to make me happy.Awww...Sweet rite sweet rite???Look at de pic below.Tat's de choco!!!I simply love them man!Thx so much((:

I noe u ppl are jealous!Haha dun be alright?I deserve it cuz they adore me^^ so bhb-.- but lover taught me tat de((:

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