Friday, July 3, 2009

2 July
Was to do elearn for EOC wit my grp n decided to meet at khatib mac.But end up thr de plug all seal except one but not on so well go back to my hse to do instead.Crap n slack n done it all n send it to anne marie.Time ticked so fast day by day.Haiz.I hope i can finish my individual one in time n well uh.Den got sec sch dinner gathering so leave hse around 6.15pm n headed to buddy hoggies while my grp members go mac to wait for me.Hello-ing.Hugging,Smiling,Laughing n many many of catching up wit old classmates.DE feeling is great.Around 25 ppl turned up i think.COuld have been more.Well thr's always de next time((: I order western bbq chicken set n it's damn yummy man!DEn after tat all started to cam-whoring thr especially wit YQ n being super noisy as if we own de place.Cant blame us rite it's a gathering so lots of chatterings.Haha.Time is geting late n i wanna do my project so one by one started to leave.Took a grp photo before we left but some are not in de photos cuz they left early.Ppl hu turned up:yanqing,siewteng,dinika,qianyu,yuzhu,vanes,yisiew,shiting,philip,weijian,kokhui,yongxun.
kenneth, clarence,prajna,zhenwei,melvin,richard,zhuangchen n amos n ouh ya rifdi n riyshi too.I think tat's about it.A lot rite?Next outing i hope for more to turn up^^ After tat head back to mac n den hm.Wanna see those pics taken go to my facebk.

Ernest they'll came over to my hse wanting to do EOC in de morning but end up i think brain not working tat early uh.So well after tat lunched n played bball at 850 plus lover n gf((: DEn go mac lepak awhile i got hm shower n out again to get mobilephone for my dad cuz he send for repair.Den out again for pool session.OMG tis is de most suay day ever!I didnt bring my ez link card when i wanna renew my concession n top up.Nvm go to occ cannot play cuz i look too young to be even 16 n gota show my id but i brought nth but keys,phone n money-.- GG!Den go safra instead n played awhile before ernest n everybody head back hm or wherever.Sorry guy.I feel so bad to make u'll go all de way thr n not being able to play.I noe u'll dun blame me but still cant help feeling bad ma.Sorry uh.Next time every bag n pouch i put one id uh!!!Fed up can!!!
Had a heart to heart talk to mummy 2day.Althou at times i really cant stand de nagging of my mother when it starts to get really irritating n mostly she being very kpo n stuffs but wat she said always was wat i think so too n it's very true.Mother n daughter thinks alike uh((: *winks.My mother noes im a girl tat's damn wild n outdoor kind n likes being dote on n stuffs.But well thr's a lil sis at hm so yea.My mother do understand me but for certain things i think she's being too overprotective ba n i dun lyk.Not tat it's not gd.

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