Friday, July 24, 2009

cathryn & daphne=girlfren(our hands) credits to me!haha

Well 2day AFA dun say le.Lets juz wait n see de results.After sch before gg to study, went to g2000 to buy blazzers on sale.Den went mac wit de usual ppl n after studying for around 2 hrs?Didnt meet bf cuz i needa study.sorry.We went to eat dinner n play badminton.De rest went hm while i went beancurd city wit kh,lover n girlfren((: Boring la so went to gf's hse to lepak.Dunno hu started it first but i think it was lover so we cam whored till 11 den head hm^^ Some pics are not wit me uh.Most all wit kh.
Here are they(no order cuz i couldnt manage to):

Ouh 1 of my eye is covered by my fringe):

OK i think i looked at my phone instead of de mirror...

De black & white effect
We both so sweet rite?Awww...dun be jealous^^

HU's eyes are bigger?Mine or de bear's?!

Poof!Girlfren punch me@_@


Posing for de other camera.

Sooo chubby!But i look fatter rite?!I knew it!

Girlfren:my pimple~ Me:let me take a pic.

Girlfren is trying to show tat my face is as big as her twist!

Twist for de camera but a bit too late.I didnt capture it or i bet it'll look damn cute!haha

Random uh.

Huh?!Another blur look of my gf.

Im bored cant blame me)):

Ewww.Tat's gross ok.


Girlfren wher u looking at?!

DE 4 of us.

DE 4 of us(2).

Bluur lyk...lousy photographer.

Aiyo!gf's face kana cut off.sorry uh!

Showing rabbit tooth trying to be retarded.Damn funny!

Girlfren look so evil i look so sian~~~

sometimes somethings i've tried so hard.perhaps not hard enough thou.
exhausted frm all these.u tired i oso tired rite.
Haiz.i dunno y...

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