Thursday, July 16, 2009

I saw dilys on my way to sch so walked in to here den find de girls for lunch.2day time passed quite fast leh.Tat's gd actually or i'll find it very very sian...Alvin sick 2day didnt go sch.Take care uh n get well soon.Better come sch 2moro cuz got celebration n i noe u dun wanna missed it do u?Haha.
Sharepoint wasn't tat difficult but cuz frm de start i didnt really quite listen so i find it a bit hard to catch up but well overall it's manageble ba.Eve karhao n xiuyi had been a great help teaching me frm de start.Phew luck got them or i die uh.My new grp for sharepoint was not bad Maya,karhao n adriel again.Our topic is something gotta do wit music one.Ppl let's ace tis man!!!

When im not speaking many things are running thru my mind.But tat doesnt mean tat im not ok alright?Sometimes u guys might be rite thou.Lols.I noe y ppl ask me to keep smiling already.Even if de person cuz u to be unhappy doesnt really care den wat's de point of getting all upset juz becuz of tat person?Thr's tis saying in chi:wo shi zhong dai zhe ni ai de wei siao,yi lu xun zhao wo yi shi de mei hao.Smile even if im sad cuz i'll not noe hu's in love wit my smile.Kor tat's very true((:
Yeah!!!2moro eve's bday we gg to grassroot eat nice food n play pool if thr's space((: i hope de whole class can go((: alright?Haha.

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