Sunday, July 19, 2009

18 july
Well well sure got ppl wondering wat de heck am i doing to blog at tis time of de day when i should be in my lalala rejuvenating myself cuz im working morning somemore.Ah hu cares?I dont!Uh huh!Ppl keep asking to me update wel so here i am.

KIDDING la~!Juz felt lyk blogging lorx.

Nth much bout work but something happened which made me wanna blog.Ouh chill it's not about any complian ok my dear lover so dont missed tis!*chuckles*

Btw tis post didnt mean anything.Ppl wanna say go ahead i dun give a damn cuz tis is my blog i can post whatever i like!

Around 8 plus gg to struck 9 soon when i was asking around hu wan me to buy drink cuz i wan n my water finish liao.Got de orders n to disturb Ria i walked over to her n ask:Ria!U sure u dun wan uh?Tat particular moment i saw a shaved headed guy n i think it was derrick(80% sure).My fren of cuz not some celebrity.And if im not wrong bout tat guy's identity i think he somehow recognised me too.But we didnt speak to each other thou n neither did i took a 2nd glance.He was wit a girl.If she's his girl i would be happy for him.

(He wont be readng tis)Cuz*flash back*last time i think 2 yrs ago when i was 15 i met him at work.WE chat a few times n clique immediately.He's older den me by 2 yrs.It was on christmas eve when i met him.See i got gd memory i still rmb.Haha.DEn not long after he told me he had affections for me.Im lyk how could it be cuz we dun even noe each other for long.Trust me thr's such thing as love at first sight.Not long after i felt de same way for him.FYI he's a damn sweet guy.Not de sweet talk way.He den ask me u noe wat qns(i shy to say la)But my mind kept telling me not to when my heart wan to.But den de other guys asked me too.GUess wat?Yes i chose de wrong guy i rejected derrick.Sad rite.More sad part behind uh.2 mth plus we broke up.And derrick is still thr for me.He called me to hear me pour my sorrows n said nth.I appreciate it lots.Den due to sch we lost contact for 2mths?

DEn one day he chat wit me on msn again.He said he cant forget me n told me he would wait for me to get over my barrier.I was stupid den.i pushed him away n told him to forget me n find better girls tat would be worth his love.He hung round still.Till mths later we didnt contact anymore. The song做你的公主 held many memories.I would never fail to think of him whenever i hear tis song.Den now i see him again.But too bad already.Ouh well tis teaches me tat in future i were to find a guy as gd as derrick i dun ask for more i wouldnt let go of de chance anymore.I got no more confident anymore...

To frens out thr: Take every opportunity to give urself a greater chance((:

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