Monday, August 24, 2009

Thx to ppl hu wished me luck.Tis time i definitely need it more for microecons)): Awww man i scared i flunk tis:x Stats paper was ok 2day.I only noe my A byebye liao.Sian uh.Nvm la well 2 papers down n 2 more to go!wed n finally last on thurs.Yea tats something to look forward to(de hols!).Haha.But muz concentrate to do well first uh den got mood to enjoy rite^^ 2moro gg to study for mircoecons lyk siao!At least aim for a C ba i aim for nth more.C for tis i'll be contented.3 days only daph can do it one!!!Ppl jiayou too!((:

Tat's it la.
I dun wanna care anymore.
Only being taken for granted.
Wat's de point?
I hate it i really do.

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