Sunday, August 30, 2009

Only went swimming for 2 days both add up to less den 5 hrs den tan till lyk dunno colleague say roasted pig-.- went back to work for 2 days le n my leg is aching nerves can be seen due to long hrs of standing.Well nvm.Haha.Yeah 2moro gg to c all ex-classmates n teachers.Cool get to go crazy together as always n never fail.It's a damn gd feeling lyk we're back to sec sch uh?Meeting esther in de morning go buy something back for teacher den meet de rest at mrt at 10.15.Freaking early yea?cuz birdy says concert start at 11 so yea la.So looking forward to 2moro.Am super duper drained of energy right now.Tired~!
It's gonna be a reminiscing day 2moro ahah.Lover bian liao!U noe y...

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