Tuesday, August 4, 2009


2day presentation for EOC is officially over!Grp did ok n got a B n de best grp presentation goes to jonald's grp.Sia la dun play play ok.Our class de CEO leh.Haha.Didnt wanna skip AFA cuz i thot we could get back our ICA2 paper but sian dun have.And mona's lesson is so boring.Jialat la my microecons.I need help for it man.I dun wanna flunk it n have to retake.Argh.Went buddy cafe to slack before gg hm.Last project is sharepoint due next thurs!Den no more for tis sem le.But den meaning closer to exam date.Muz study le la~ cant be a lazy bum bum anymore.

Very very stressed.
It really make me ask myself over n over again am i tat bad.
Wat a failure.
Call me a cry baby i dun care.
It hurts juz so much.
Tearing is my way of releasing de pain.
No longer Wat i thot u were.

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