Thursday, August 6, 2009

2day couldnt wake up on time n chiong to sch for stats.Half way not feeling tat well so slowed down.Reach thr an hr late cuz i got to de wrong level oso.It's 5 n i went 4-.- Nvm.Den reach thr 5 mins later teacher say if thr's nth else u're dismisses.Wth rite.I've never missed one entire lesson before n i broke de record.Hell!Den go for break before lec starts.Lecture ended an hr earlier too.Den went to kar's hse to slack before gg work.I think im thinking too much uh.GO work a bit de heart not thr lyk drift very far sia.Do things oso blur.Sia la i dunno wat im doing man.But 2day a customer said something which made me so happy for a while.Haha.ME:So how was it?Customer:Ouh thankQ very lovely(pause)Juz lyk u(my eyes big).Den i laughed.Customer:U very cute when u speaking n serving customers.Me:*blushing*Ouh thankQ.Den i high liao.Haha lame rite lyk tat oso high-.- When wanna go hm time Walkie talkie cannot find.Find every possible place oso cant find.Ahlamak.Let 2moro morning shift do de haunting man.Super tired.
2moro sch at 3PM!!!Can be a pig till den.Haha.supposely is 1Pm but well eoc we're done wit it so no more le!So looking forward to 2moro after sch!Pool session wit tbs n class!!!Everybody lets go n chill n have some fun!Teacher better not bomb us uh.

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