Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ytd got off n slack at hm till time is up before heading to workplace to meet de morning shift to go pasir ris together for kevin's 21st bday celebration.Wanted to study a bit but well didnt.Simply too lazy i noe cannot keep lyk tat le no time liao exam coming.Well de celebration suppose to start at 7 we reach thr late lyk 7 plus yet de food is not thr yet.De catering service is too lousy liao.All waited till 9 before de food finally came-.- Took quite alot lyk some hungry ghost(exaggerating).Thou my appetite no gd but finished wat i took.DEn chat chat, listen to stories n complain again.Haha wat else do we ppl noe man.He invited alot of ppl sia.Cam whored den sing bday song cut cake eat le not long after slowly de crowd disperse.Didnt go hm too late cuz 2day morning shift uh.Photos taken but quite dark.Most of them are wit wati wait till she tag me on fb.Enjoy!

Red n orange light stick.Nice rite?
I lazy to turn de pic so juz turn ur head.Damn big bday cake.Durian flavour.Yummy!

Only clarisse look at de cam yonghui n de white haired kenneth dunoo doing wat.

Kenneth,marini(kak kak)n wati.

Kak kak n me((:

Yonghui,clarisse n zoe!

(left to right den down)Kenneth,clarisse,zoe,botak kevin(bday boy),yonghui,marini,ziwen.Wonder y im not in?Cuz im de one taking de pic stupid.

Clarisse,zoe,ziwen n yonghui

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