Saturday, August 8, 2009

Maya,me,tbs,ernest n adriel.

Got de grp pic frm bff's blog.Got more but not wit him.but only got one photo got me so nvm la.Haha.Work was tiring.And im getting more n more moodless.Sorry ppl not tat i emo or whatsoever but juz didnt feel right.Ppl hu cared i appreciate it ok(((: Gotta get my butt up n STUDY STUDY STUDY!How stupid of me.I should have take off on de mon de week after next ma.Tsk ask manager say exam need more time off can anot.Haha.Sian uh.Later maybe when i wake up i should start studying a bit first.Den go meet de morning shift ppl n go kevin's chalet together.Yeah man!Bbq^^ And btw MAYA!If u read tis u better send me!I wan de pic we took during sharept class.I only got one leh)): okok?

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