Sunday, September 13, 2009

I sad liao uh.My black bracelet spoil liao.De string broke.Probably bringing it to be mended if i got de time ba.Back frm work n it fair n dinner.had kfc n while eating disturbed girlf alot~!SORRY girlf)): too long didnt disturb u liao n i miss u so much.Anyhthing muz share share wit me no mater wat uh.Dun have to worry bout me.Whatever~worked straight 5 days already.2 full days at it fair-comex show.3 more days to go before my well deserved off uh.I not chiong la.Is becuz no celebrations, no events nor activities, nor date so i juz told my manager anything la.Any day any shift.Darling is not ppl difficult to jio me out is becuz nobody did beforehand so i go ahead wit anything.Bff no worries alright i'll be alright((: i noe u're here^^ i took thurs off n still deciding.I've got my reasons.I miss zoe.Can u hear me? Fucking tired wit de bloody headache.I'll rest myself.I juz need a lil cash n treat myself wit a lil thing to shop.I wanna shop badly.Damn it!

I need a hug of assurance
Assumptions always made wrong.
Never do.Dont ever.

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