Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ouh wow!I'v been leaving it to rot uh.Nvm la can still be salvage((: Back to ts to work.Peggy visited me!Haha n saw ady otw hm.Thur n fri worked at IT fair under carrefour acer n wa piang de pay n incentive suck big time!Basic pay lower nvm incentive 1% nia lorx.Well but it's better den wasting time n slacking at hm w/o money rite?

First day only closed a deal n thx to jewell tat help me or zero uh.2nd day worse man.NONE!Tat's really bad.Actually last min could close a deal but when payment time comes,de cust de nets no enough money den he say i'll come back de other day den.Saddening~Not to mention de food.I didnt made any deal tat day.N bff better den i first day emo rite?Bleahz.I've already smiled more den i would.Thx btw^^ u noe y..Im not feeling down cuz i dun have any deal den no commission.Really deep down i work at IT fair is for extra income n well not to waste time.I really dun mind incentive or not.Is tat i fail to get ppl to buy lyk i very suay la kana de cust all dun wan de.Not tat i didnt approach de cust leh i did!Not fated la.I admit i did gave up de first day but 2nd day i more hyper lorx.Xiuyi say i high till over.Haha.But Im not as dishearten as i was on de first day i really looked on a brighter side but still lyk tat-.- Nvm luh.Over for me.De rest had better luck.

My next week schedule suck man!Working 6 days wit 5 afternoons.Gosh u noe how much i dislike it.Awww man.But it's ok ba since im free to work den ok lorx.Y not de extra cash.Thurs sentosa im still deciding.gotta go soon 2moro morning.

u make it all better
when im feeling sad.
tell me tat im special
even when i noe im not
make it feel gd
when it hurt so bad.

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