Thursday, September 24, 2009

Woke up late 2day.Sorry uh.Went to Mr tanbs's hse 2day.Ppl majong,watched tv n EAT!Alot sia fat liao luh~Pizza bee hoon fishballs nuggets soft drinks.Sia la not fat is fake one lorx.Talk talk laugh laugh.Gosh!HAha.Well did enjoy de days pretty well ba.t least my off day got to spend time wit frens.Only taken a couple of pic all wit ernest.BTW SORRY KH N LOVER!It really slipped my mind to tell u'll.Will not do tat again.Meet up soon for a meal or something kae?Miss u guys man!Lets not think bout results n juz enjoy all tat we can for de rest of de hols den work hard de next sem yea?No pt dwelling ma.Juz learn n move on to do better((: We can one!Im feeling down lately.Dunno y.Perhaps i need more choco uh?Sweetness forgotten.2moro work,same goes for sat n sun.Mon maybe picnic?I check my schedule first uh.Sorry tat u'll gotta take into acc of my schedule n accomodate me.I appreciate de effort so much.ThankQ guys((: muack!

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