Monday, October 5, 2009

Ytd work is lyk omg.Forget it it's over.Was alyssa's last day n well i'll miss her man.After work went to kak's open hse wit kenneth.Photos on facebk.We got down a stop earlier all thx to kak n took a big detour to her hse.Reached already sit around waiting for jess n zoe to come while de rest frm various outlets pile in.Alot ppl sia.30-40 in her hse so many la~7 plus they say coming end up 9 plus den reach-.- chat n chat till 10 plus n headed hm.Departed wit de rest n took bus to yck den train back to hmtown cuz got concession ma.

I cant believe im so sotong la.When reaching yck den i realise tat ytd was de 4th.Meaning my concession had already ended de day before.Gosh n de worse thing is my ezlink cash low.Still nvm,i got no cash wit me at all!Can u imagine tat?!All i got was 2ocents which was de leftover of de 7 bucks i brought along wit me tat day.Super broke.Pay day faster come...Can more suay a bit.Lucky my phone not low batt or i cant even call for help man.Den i've got to walk all de way back.BUt lucky i've got help.Thank god!Haha.*smack myself* TSK!Ouh chill...

DEn 2day was super tired.Slept till 1 plus 2 den wake up.Went to de library to return bk n watched the ugly truth already!Lyk finally man.It's recommended to watch!to watch de show i skipped my lunch.My super duper late lunch at 5 plus was sushi n bubble tea.Headed hm n napped awhile before continuing wit my show(shining inheritance).Gotta work 2moro again-.- Ouhwell...N yea man!De chalet is on!Haha i've been secretly hoping de chalet plan would go on n yes it did!WooHoo~Ok im a bit off liao.Haha.Ppl i'll go meet u guys after my work on tat day alright n we shall have lotsa fun!Meanwhile miss u guys.And my dearest animal family((:

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