Friday, October 9, 2009

MIA-ED for sooo long le leh.NO luh is i busy tat's y.Understand ok?Pass few days nth much ba.But ONE thing for sure!U'll miss me rite?Sure u do((: dun need shy luh.HAhaha.Went to chalet for de 2nd time tis hols n it's ok luh but not as fun as de first one.Ouh well.

But wed nite was damn fun sia!I've enjoyed it a hell lot man.Went to st james wit colleagues lyk 10 over to 20 of us?Happening man.Drink,crap,laughed n cam-whored lyk siao.Faster upload n tag me wit de pics on facebk.I wan!WE broke 3 cups n one of them is i broke de lorx.Accident ok.But heng no need pay uh.Got a lil tipsy but still can walk straight n noe wat im saying n doing kae.After shower jiu fine liao.2nd nite at chalet wanna get high wit jas but kinda sian oso we juz drink drank but not drunk n pretend to walk by de pool when de watch man aint thr we pretend to fall into de pool.Haha funny siol.Den he suddenly appear n we pretend to be drunk.Haha.Den last day back to work again.

Sch is starting in 9 days time)): Awww man.Gotta go sch n stress out studies.I wish im born more brainy.Passed de dream on.Tired liao wanna shower n sleep le.

Continue missing me~~~

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