Friday, November 6, 2009

2day i was late for class for lyk 20+ mins.Omg i couldnt wake up la so god damn tired.Cuz ytd i couldnt sleep early n den wan i wanna slep at 2 plus i suddenly had tis so acute pain tat i had to eat something due to hunger.N de funny thing is it's not gastric n i dunno wth it is.Den i felt ok already n fell asleep shortly after.Den at de wee hrs i had tis terrible nightmare tat woke me up!it's lyk 5 plus?Den i couldnt go back to sleep for an hr.Till i finally felt tired enough to fall back into sleep again.Before i knew it was morning again.Haiz ouh well.

After first lesson we went to j8 for our break n oso to acc bff to send his phone to de hospital.Tsk not even half a yr n need to repair liao.Althou my phone cui but still ok.(hope mine wouldnt!)Den went back to sch for our last lesson acc.Teacher wore red n black 2day got a kinda aura no gd!Haha sounding more lyk jonald no gd too!Kidding~Keep qns de ppl at our table.Cant blame her we were too chatty n didnt do de hw frm textbk tat explains y uh.After sch while bel they'll meet up for their project me,jewell,ernest n kar went to amk walk walk to kill time n den after to kar's hse to taste de mudpie they made ytd.Ok la not bad i rate a 6/10.I wait for de rest till i fell asleep liao lorx.I saw a shoe tat i wanna buy!Should i?I can put my uniqlo jacket aside first.

Den lyk finally they come den we lepak awhile more n acc them for dinner at s11.I ate chicken wing only lorx.Haha no la cuz mummy got cook so go hm eat lorx can save money oso rite not.After tat chat awhile more before me jewell n alvin went hm for dinner.

2moro's gonna be another long long day.Swimming in de morning n work till nite.It's ok used to it but haven been to swimming for quite awhile later no more stamina uh.Tiring sia swim den go for work after tat.After i learn how to swim freestyle well enough i would stop gg for morning swimming.

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