Sunday, November 8, 2009

2day work frm morning till almost 6.Damn tired sia super busy 2day.RUn here n thr do tis do tat till got no time to look at de time.N after work i tried on a skinny i lyk alot cuz it's navy blue!But sadly too big for me.Nvm uh save money la.Haha.So i only bought a formal top i reserved 2 mths ago.Hehe^^ Sorry uh darling i didnt tell u beforehand.Ouh well u dun mind rite???
After work went to orchard lyk again wit jr n aliff.De bracelet i wanted no more liao)): not fated ba.Bought other one instead.It's ok thr'll be nicer ones.

Went to etude hse c nail polish again.N duh got free gift again.If jewell seees tis post she'll go heart itchy itchy uh.Jr bought a blue nail polish n i saw daphne!!!Im lyk so familiar den i realise n stood thr n stare at her till she was lyk:eh daphne!!!Haha.daphne calling daphne.Imagine calling someone ur name.Den headed hm lyk 9 plus.Told daddy i'll go hm around 8 pluds 9 end up as he expected i reached hm around 10plus.Hehe^^ 2day i ate chicken for lunch n dinner.Fattening~so sinful.Lols.Sian think of hw jiu sian.Aiyo especially access hw.DIE.Ouh well gotta buck up more.

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