Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Got de feel to blog ytd but was super damn lazy.Haha very me yet should learn to keep de laziness level damn low.Sch was damn damn boring.IT lesson cui man.Seriously need help or for grp work will burden my partner.WEnt in to class n always on time for attendance taking.Lols nth to be proud of for my tardiness.For im miss tardy queen.First one hr i was paying attn but when teacher went on to something too fast i gave up n started facebking.Jialat rite i noe.Should really gett my butt up.Marketing individual assignment due next fri i oso haven even started on it.I shall not give myself anymore excuses to keep procrastinating or i'll never get it done on time if i wanna score.Go girl i believe in myself((: Self consoling.Haha.

I fell asleep during lec again.I always tell myself to sleep early de nite before but not i couldnt my eyes n mind didnt wan to wat to do?For a pig lyk me trust me even if i had 12 hrs of sleep i would still wake up n say i didnt have enough sleep.Nth to do oso sleep.Well well guess it's one of my fav past time.After sch our usual clique came over to my hse to lepak la.Did nth much n end up jewell n jonald was playing de frens for sale thingy n bel got kinda sian.Go for dinner at 848 after tat n we went our own ways.

Suppose to meet colleague to celebrate bdays but postponed to another day due to something.I dunno y i suddenly very sian n moody.For no particular reason so dun ask me y!I'll get fed up.I got tis instane feeling tat i miss my girlf so much.I wanna meet her do wat oso can.Girlf 2moro is ur last paper jiayou n u'll breathe freedom((: I wan to take photos~I wanna capture ever moment.I had something in mind n will carry it our as i deem fit.Dun kpo those tat are related to my 'something in mind'will noe when it's time.Eventually they'll guess so.Cuz i love them^^ I miss de way i laugh together lyk nobody's biz wit my precious lover.

Wanted to change blogskin too but found nth i lyk n i think if i change it noe i'll be very fed up.Wit everything.HAha. Random but i got a very strong urge to go Kbox:x

Know the song in my heart & sing to me when my memory fails~

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