Sunday, November 1, 2009

Miss me miss me miss me????!!!SURE U DO rite???*blink blink* Haha ouh well im here to save my poor blog frm de weeds...Hmmm lemme think bout wat happened de pass few days n update update u all a bit.I gotta correct my u'll to u all cuz it's incorrect eng rite not?Ugh!haha.U'll stands for u will not u all so yea-.- Start frm fri ba cuz any date before tat i dun rmb much le.

Lets see.I went to sch for 2 tut only n it ended at 4 still.Noe y?Cuz i got a 2 hr break in between!I rather end earlier den break longer sometimes can do more things after sch ma.Tsk!Break we went to hawker eat den pool-ed blah n blah.Headed back for our last lesson poa.Teacher so strict muz check hw everything in detailed.Stressed sia~After sch go walk walk wit bel n jewell cuz we'll a few days before already plan liao to c n not to have )): Awww man rite?So itchy la our heart.Can see can touch juz cannot have it.No vitamin M!Next time thr'll be next time.

We sat at coffee bean for an hr plus keep chatting n chatting till de staff thr ask for our order n we're lyk erm erm later den we ran away.Haha!!!So much of laughter.U noe i noe we noe^^ After dinner walk walk awhile more before i left them first to catch a movie(My sister's keeper).I cried so much throughout de whole movie.Tap forgot to close uh.So sad n touching.N i've got sweet muji marshmallow to chew away during de movie.ThankQ((: My fav!*hint hint*I tell u guys IT'S A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MOVIE!I rate 7.5/10!Author jodi picult hu's way of writing somehow similar to nicholas sparks.So tat's about it for fri.

Sat morning was raining here but not at bishan but well my sis called aunt n ask if we're to go swimming cuz it's raining n she said thr's not raining but up to us n i decided i was too tired so we continue sleeping n thr goes swimming.Haha!After tat woke up unwillingly to go for work.De whole day was crazy.Manage to hit sales n sure de full timers are happy.Incentives ma.Too bad for us.It's halloween.BUt i spent it sleeping at hm.Not pathetic thou cuz de next day im on morning shift.I lyk forever feel tat im always tired cuz how much i sleep oso lyk lack of sleep.But i dun feel lethargic thou.Still can be as crazy as ever.

2day nth much to do la.Work oso lorx wat else.I ate yummy meal for lunch.KFC 2 piece meal chicken!Despite my cough.Dun scold me kae i was craving for it but more of my carrot+green apple juice!!!I bought it de moment i reach khatib.Lyk so deprived of fruit juice uh.Haha.2moro sch again wanted to do my hw but hell noes y cms couldnt dl de file.Fed up man!Yeah girlfren jiayou!I'll c u on fri!!!Same goes for de rest of de animal family n kh!Chicken rice chicken rice wher are uooo...I've got something up my mind but IT'S A SECRET!Haha.

i juz wanna be how i feel lyk being
it's really ok wit me.
never go too indepth.

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