Thursday, October 22, 2009

HI peeps!Miss me yea?Haha.Pass few days sch was ok some quite boring n blah blah blah...Celebrated bel n ernest's bday ytd at bugis's seoul garden n after eating we all stink!Really damn strong la de smell omg!After tat headed hm while de rest go else wher. Wanted to do something but all i did was sleep sleep n keep sleeping.Frm 10 plus till 2day de 1 plus.Power rite?!I dunno is i too tired or wat.I almost cmi to sch 2day.Slept so much but still feel lyk sleeping)):Still went for 2 hrs bloody lec.After lec go swimming wit dilys n walk walk n lastly headed hm.2moro are all tutorials n 2 hrs of break in between which is lyk too long~Ouh well.

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