Thursday, December 31, 2009

2day im damn damn damn fed up wit my phone!Ok while in de library waiting for my members to come up a librarian walked over to me and hand me a paper n ask wher's ur frens.I said they will be back soon.Den she said we will be having a fire drill at 4pm.So if u wan leave de library before 4 or u all will have to evacuate and assemble at some carpark and come back at 445pm.Ok i'll call them i said.Close to 4 i frantically scroll own my contacts to find one of my member's contact.And POOF!!!Everything is gone.Im lyk WTH?!I off n on my phone 3-4 times yet de contacts still not back.Check my SIM oso dun have.GG@_@ I didnt back up my contacts in de memory card.Too bad.Rotten luck.Juz nice hendrick talked to xiuyi and im using her lappy.Den i desperately ask him to give me her no. ASAP.My god Im so sad n 'depressed' luh.All gone.A hell hell lot of contacts gone.Some really difficult to get back.Ouh well ouh well.Haiz.After tat i found out tat de prob lies in my phone n not de card.U noe wat tat means rite.Might be time to go to de hospital.Awww)):

On a brighter tone 2moro am gg out to countdown wit my frens and celebrating birthday.I dun wanna go home!I dun wanna see u either.Might as well lock me out!Phone dead best.I'll be more den happy.Bleahz!

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