Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So tis is the first post for this new yr.No new resolutions cuz i never did have,& even if i do it's not possible to make it happen in any way.So toss this new yr resolution aside.Juz make the best out of this yr is much realistic isnt it?Everybody only care & bother to celebrate every new yr,but ppl often forgot about every new day.Ouh well this also shows that every major thing are being rmbed by but not the minor.How sad.Because every minor thing accumulate to become the major.Tsk.I've missed out on a lot last yr so i shall make it up this yr.For pri,sec & jc stud,it's a whole new sch yr but to us it's not the end of sch yr yet.I cant wait!This is gonna be a btr yr!

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