Friday, December 18, 2009

Felt so tired.I needa break.Frm all these.Girlf back i'll be gone in hrs time.I always wonder if i ever did think too much.But sometimes i always seems to sense de thing right.Freaky n i dun wish too.Been busy wit test n now done leaving projects to be started,continued n completed.Wanted to change my blogskins but guess would have to wait till im back.Afraid tat things might change further when im gone.Worry too much.No gd!Ouh well always said let de nature takes it's course.HAHA.Dun have to miss me,juz DONT FORGET ME!!!Anything urgent or not text me.It's FREE!*hint hint*Only when i reply I have to pay-.- wat de... I would really wanna noe how much i've missed when im gone.No pt n doesnt matter u might think but i'd juz lyk to be part of everything.Irritating rite?TOO BAD!U noe me de ma.Someone every told me dont be shy.

lastly smth cute:
Frens are lyk pc
I 'ENTER' ur life
'SAVE' u in my heart
'FORMAT' ur problems
'Shift' u to opportunities
and never 'DELETE' u frm my memory.

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