Monday, December 14, 2009

I wanted to blog lyk on sat nite but got hm too late n was too tired.Ytd studying for stats test so didnt have de time to blog either.So now im here.

I dislike inconsiderate ppl to de core!!!Damn damn damn INCONSIDERATE!Thx to them i missed my train n was late for work!PLus de crowd jialat man.I could have been early.Mrt station everywher should put de sign keep to de left always unless overtaking!Wrong should be every part of singapore uh cuz some ppl are juz too blind!Block de way no.1, not in a hurry still keep pushing no.1,they themselves in fault blame it on others oso no.1 ONLY being considerate NOT no.1.Fail man.Lucky in-charge oso late.Ouh well.

Haiz didnt go for kenneth's advance bday celebration cuz i couldnt get morning shift.But i manage to meet up wit some old bugis staff after work n chat bout a lot of things.I miss them a hell lot.Especially dearest zoe.Still as cute as ever.Haha.Since i alr missed de last train hm i might as well not go hm so early so i stayed n chat wit them till arnd 1.45 den took a cab back.Once again im lucky i got a saviour.Or not i'll camp thr till de next morning den go work uh.Haha.rReached hm arnd 2 plus n slept at 3 plus so go work on sun was super duper tired.OK la tat's my opportunity cost.My sleeping time.

After work nth much only go meet family for dinner den get some things at de supermarket den go hm n study for stats test.Lucky morning on train got study a bit or not not enough time man.Tahan studying wit 3 hrs plus of sleep n finally study finish at 12 plus n poom i was deadly asleep.Actually it's quite a gd thing cuz i hardly been able to sleep for de pass few wks at nite.Sort of minor insomnia.Damn lack of sleep)): Panda eyes.

Stats lec i was really paying much attn.Hu would when de next lesson we would be having our test alr.Tsk!Perhaps not me.First time im so scared for stats test.Felt de pressure to pull my gpa up.After de paper i felt i could have score if i studied well.No one to blame only myself.daphne wat were u thinking???!!!Tis time if i were to get a C tats gd enough considering de preparation wasnt ample.Buck up n jiayou.Self motivation~Thot would get back macroecons paper but teacher say gotta wait till after de hols cuz thr's some stud hu have yet to take de test.It doesnt make much diff since de paper is alr done n marked.I should really do serious self reflection uh!Gotta read up some stuffs for 2moro de marketing project.I really got poor poor poor memory.

Who is willing to sing to me de lyrics when my memory fails me?

I wont deter.Im willing to face it.Tat is it ba.Fate but not destined.I dunno.
Free myself frm sorrows n heartbreaks be it anything luh.I'll control my own emotions.Living in denial aint doing myself any gd.
I'll be smiling cuz it happened.One day i believe everything will straighten out.

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