Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ytd was a long long day.Well well..Went to sch early in de morning at 8am for access test AGAIN.Sian rite but no choice tis time individual de.After test got back previous wk de grp test n no need guess oso noe i tis IT idiot didnt make it.Failed badly for de grp part.But anw thankQ to xiuyi who helped me a lot.She taught me practically everything frm de scratch cuz i didnt pay much attn during lesson time.My fault i noe.

Den coming next was poa ica.Paper was easy but i think sure got careless one.As expected after de paper i knew my error.Bank loan is long term liability but less den a yr is current!My god how could i have missed it man.Costly leh 2 marks. Ouh well tis teaches me to check my work carefully de next time.N guess wat i did after tat?Should be attending macroecons lec but den cnt resist kbox temptation so i skipped.Went thr wit ernest jewell alvin n melissa.Only go for 2 hrs plus den left to pay some bills n meet girlf.

Was late meeting de rest cuz we waited for birdy.Den someone very petty lorx.Complain tat he could have been enjoying dinning at breeks but ended up in BK instead.And watched movie(CASE 39).My got it's de most horrifying ever scary show tat i've watched.Scare de hell outta me man.N SHUT UP weilun u're not any btr.Idiot!They so bad lorx n very rude leh!Laugh at me.Lover should be thr ma den tat'll cheer her up!TAts so stupid i tell u.Gosh lucky de cinema is dark uh.HUmph!Dun laugh i angry uh!We went our own ways when reached khatib.No pics taken thou)):

Saw jae(dunno if he wan his identity to be revealed)only XQG noe ba.He walked me hm n we chat all de way back.Talked bout a lot of things n dun feel lyk gg so early n sudenly felt lyk having a drink so headed to 7-eleven n he bought me a drink.Feeling damn vexed n drank n poured my heart out.He share a lot of things he tolerated for long.U're still one i can share my things wit.Cuz ur way of thinking is not childish(no offence to anyone)and more i dunno how to say luh.Finally 12 plus den i go hm.

I dun lyk ppl to hang up my calls.If u ever do dun expect me to call back.I told u le.Can say i petty or wat i dun care tat's juz me.STUBBORN.

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