Saturday, December 12, 2009

So tired.I juz wanna let it all out!So let me be.ThankQ.

There are things we dont want to happen but have to accept.Things we dont want to know but have to learn.And people we cant live without but have to let go.

I never thot things would turn out tis way.I had so much to say but i dunno wher to start frm.My thots are all jumbled up.So tis whole thing might not make sense but i feel i write.I've kept to myself for very long.I noe n understand tat patience has it's limits.I tried to stay strong n not think about it but i cnt.Somehow failed to do so.I dun wanna find anymore excuses for myself.Have been too used n too reliant on u i guess.U're gone n im lost.I dun understand y nor do i noe de reason y.I dunno if it's a misunderstanding or wat.It feels horribly terrible w/o knowing de reason.I dun blame u either.If u felt neglected by me im sry but tat was never my intention. Maybe u got tired n irritate by me.I dunno cuz u never did say.

How sad it is when we were so close once n now practically lyk strangers. I hate tis feeling!But i cnt control.
Maybe i've hurt u in one way or de other but w/o me myself knowing.I dun lyk dun lyk dun lyk! to be treated hot n cold.It's lyk wth?!U noe tat im sensitive or childish if it seems so to u.Treat me fantastically well n lyk suddenly 'disappear'.Im so hurt.Being ignored is de worse thing.. Now i noe how u felt.Sry once again.Perhaps i din realise how much u dote me till u're gone.Perhaps i've taken u for granted.I dunno.Irritated uh? Frm de day de way u treated me change i doubt wat u said.
I always wan to trust but guess i did too easily.I dun show but doesnt mean i dunno. Im not ignorant only acting blur.
I've cried n think way too much.KOr was right.De way u now talk to me n ur attitude really.Almost made me cry. Lesser msges,msn talks n really hardly ever talk.U never did talk to me in tis manner before.Im too naive.
I've grown i've learn to take things de hard way.My heart is dead i shouldnt feel but i did.My fren. Some one told me sometimes some things if u lose de opportunity u might lose de chance for gd.To me den it's not meant to be.I am very very stubborn. But one day i would still lyk to noe de reason for all these.My tears shed are words my heart cnt express.
Maybe at times i didnt put myself in ur shoes.I didn understand how u felt.For long i've been avoiding tis but i decided to face it cuz it's no pt.Eventually tis will become or it alr is an issue. Perhaps nth to u but meant alot to me.I dun need sympathy.
I'll take care of myself.Im used to it.I yearn for u to be happy.My dear fren.I 'll take things easy n find my way thru de tunnel of darkness.I'll smile because it happened.ThankQ for being part of my life.YMI

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